A paraglider is a ultralight and flexible airship as it has no rigid structure, used to "plan" that is the way to fly in a sport that is named Paragliding.

We can say that paragliding is an ecological sport, because for a Paragliding flying engine and fuel is not needed, we just need wind, it is designed and made especially for this to be possible.

A paraglider is made from a synthetic fabric that keeps the air inner for maintain its airfoil and hold very high loads despite being very light; also features the set of lines that communicate with the harness (the pilot chair) than also help to give and maintain shape.

Paragliding use aerodynamic forces and thermal lift to fly and stay longer in flight.

Paragliding has European origins but is gaining ground in different parts of the world and in Cali and Valle del Cauca, boast of having ideal conditions for this sport throughout the year.

Anyone can fly Paragliding, no special skills are needed, there is no specific age, no gender difference or a different one to be healthy and look forward to enjoy the heights of beautiful scenery and the quiet sound of the wind as a condition happens in a recreational flight, or the adrenaline of a competition or aerobatic flight, but first you must make an introductory course to paragliding that will give you the theoretical and practical to enter this exciting sport.

If you do not dare to fly by yourself, tandem paragliding flight is for you, you don't have to take care, don't worry about anything, just enjoy flying because a experimented pilot takes you to trace the sky