If after making a Tandem Paragliding you note than you want more, you want to go back to heaven and it is the only thing you think, you might want to do the course Introduction to Paragliding, in this case the instructor will agree to find the availability and schedule that will best adapt for you to accomplish in order to be a paraglider.

How long does the Introductory course to Paragliding?

We can not specify an exact duration of the course, it depends both on weather conditions and availability of whoever wants to take as their skill, but the estimated time for ordinary people is three weeks, attending at least 4 times a week.


- Theoretical part: relevant knowledge about Paragliding flight like aerodynamics, aerology, meteorology, safety and regulation are given; other relevant information as the origin and evolution of sports among others.

- Training School Camp: Here you will learn very safe in a flat floor or nearly flat floor, these techniques: preparation and review of equipment, takeoff, landing and do your first "toads" or short jumps where you can have for the first time feeling of anti-gravity as well learn to make corrections and small turns to be gaining more and more control of paragliding.

Once you can to control these techniques perfectly, you can to proceed to the final part of the Introductory Course Paragliding.

- First High Flights in Paragliding: On your first high flights in Parapente, you will have to fulfill the same protocol that has been learned in the training field, but now from a high mountain and you will have a much longer flight. Your first high flights will be monitored by radio from takeoff to landing and instructor will take advantage to tell you how to explore your sail on the way with different orders and degrees of tilt; shall apply the protocol landing approach which probably both were talking and practicing in theorycal and practices in training field. After each high flight will gain confidence and experience while you are clearing doubts and concerns with your instructor to complete 20 flights in order to terminate the course Introduction to Paragliding.

- Complete equipment Paragliding and safety during the course of the course of Initiation Paragliding

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