electric bikes

Discover Cali on an electric bike!

An EcoBike is a city bike with pedaling assisted by an electric motor that will allow you to:

• Take care of the planet

• Make less effort

• Go to more places

• Supporting people with disabilities


MORE INFO: 316 291 31 88 / 310 766 68 41

If you are visiting our country and you are over 18, do not wait to enjoy Cali in an EcoBike.

How can you access?

- Staying in one of the formalized hostels in the city.

- Fill in the requested information format.

- Present the required documentation.

- If you need a guarantee, comply with the requirements.


• Original passport
• Identification document, insurance card, identity card or the one that replaces it.
• Credit card. (In case of partial damages)
• Fill in and sign the contract form.

IMPORTANT: All data will be submitted for verification

• Insurance against theft. It means that in case of loss of the bicycle for theft, this will not have to be reimbursed by the person who took the rent.

• Civil liability policy. It means that if a user incurs damages, injuries or death to third parties, he will be covered up to a value of $ 64,000,000 of judicial defense coverage or expenses.

• Damage to the bicycle. If the bicycle suffers 100% damage these will not be covered by the user. Does not apply for partial damages due to misuse.

• Accident insurance and medical assistance. Accident insurance to the driver for a value of $ 10,000,000 and medical assistance in case it occurs.

• Satellite tracking of the bicycle.


Partial damages due to misuse or accidents caused by improper handling are excluded from coverage.

You must drive only on the pavement, respect the established perimeters north-center-south and west of the city, you should not do jumps or maneuvers that endanger the integrity of the bicycle or people

• $ 35,000 COP 4 hours rent + Technical assistance (no puncture) + Typical drink on the Boulevard del Rio.

• $ 10,000 for each hour of rent. (More than 1 hour).

• $ 15,000 x 1 single hour.


Prices may change without notice

Bike with electric motor of pedaled assisted.

HUB motor 250 w brushless, maximum speed of assistance 25 km / h and autonomy of 30 km.

Dry weight, 26 kg.

Transmission of chain and pinion assisted by the electric motor that in join with its seven speeds provide a handling with a very smooth pedaling in almost any part of the city.

Wheel on 26-inch wheels with side band for brakes type V brakes.



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