THE GREEN HOUSE Is committed to satisfying the needs of our customers in a responsible manner; Developing practices that reduce the negative impacts on the provision of our services at the environmental, social, cultural and economic aspects.

Part of our daily efforts: to sensitize, promote, take preventive and corrective actions, and seek continuous improvement in aspects such as the use of natural resources, prevention of sexual and labor exploitation of infants and adolescents, conservation and responsible enjoyment Of Colombia's cultural heritage - to guests, employees, suppliers and the community. As well as the hiring of people from the region in fair working conditions and seeking the protection and promotion of workers' health, their physical integrity through the control of risks, continuous improvement of processes.


All employees, contractors, temporary staff and guests will be responsible for complying with safety and sustainability standards and procedures in order to carry out a safe, productive and sustainable activity; They will also be responsible for timely notification of all those conditions that may generate consequences and contingencies for employees, the organization and its guests.


All levels of management assume responsibility for promoting: a safe and healthy work environment and service delivery aligned with compliance with applicable legal requirements, linking stakeholders to the Safety and Health Management System in the Work and the Technical Standard of Sustainability, allocating the necessary resources human, physical and financial for this purpose.



CODE OF CONDUCT, About sexual tourism of children and adolescents


LAW1333 DE 2099 About illicit traffic of flora and fauna



1. The guest must register by completing and signing the registration form when arriving at the establishment or through electronic web page or email. The Green House will deny accommodation to the guest who does not comply with these requirements and will be entitled to demand, if deemed appropriate, the identification of the applicant and the persons accompanying him / her.


2. Check out at The Green House is at 11:00 a.m. If a guest stays longer, they will be charged one more day; There will be 60 minutes tolerance. Chek in 24 hours.


3. No person can give lodging or inn to another without the prior consent of the representatives or hosts of The Green House, who in the case of allowing it will reserve the right to charge an additional value for this.


4. Guests will not be allowed to have animals in the rooms.


5. The Green House is not responsible for jewelry and valuables left in the room. It is recommended the use of lockers and deliver the objects value to the administration of The Green House.


6. The rights of the establishment as well as the guests to the competent authorities are safe from facts that constitute an illicit or that give rise to liability for any of the parties in their persons and property, as long as they occur within the private rooms.


7. It is forbidden for guests to alter the order or cause inconvenience to other users within the establishment. Music and visits are only from 9:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m. and only in the waiting room.


8. It is forbidden to smoke, as well as the consumption and handling of psychoactive substances and / or prohibited by Colombian law within the facilities of The Green House.


9. It is forbidden for guests to nail nails or hang images and objects on walls, to have substances that by their easy decomposition disturb other users of the establishment.


10. The guest will have the right to use the kitchen and all his implements within the established time - 8:00 a.m. at 10:30 p.m. and the duty to leave everything clean and in the condition in which it was found, including spills on the floor.


11. Moderate and rational use of the furniture of the establishment must be done, taking care of them properly


12. All guests leaving the room, have the obligation to leave closed the windows, entrance doors, water faucets, turn off lights and fans and disconnect electrical and electronic devices that will not be used


13. It is forbidden to use the electric current and the mechanical equipment installed in the rooms for other purposes than those for which they are intended.


14. Objects and valuables forgotten by a guest will remain in the custody of The Green House administration for a term of 30 days.


15. There can be no discrimination based on sex, political creed, religion, nationality or social status.


16. The employees of The Green House may have access to the rooms occupied to maintain them and, in case it is fully verified, that the security of the establishment and / or guest is threatened or at the request of the latter.


17. We recommend that upon arrival check the inventory of the room since at the time of retirement will be reviewed and in case of missing or damage must be covered by the guest for another product equal or failing will be charged at your price.


18. Beverages, breakfasts and other foods or consumer products marketed by The Green House must be requested from the staff in charge.


THE GREEN HOUSE SAS, a company incorporated under the laws of Colombia, acting through its domicile in Cali, Colombia, as Manager of the Treatment of Personal Data, informs all its stakeholders that it has a Information Treatment Policy.
This Notice of Privacy (the "Notice") sets out the terms and conditions under which The Green House SAS domiciled at Av 4 west No. 5-30 Cali, will perform the Treatment of Personal Data contained in its Databases. Data.
The information and Personal Data provided to The Green House SAS may be processed, collected, stored, used, circulated, deleted, shared, updated, transmitted or transferred in whole or in part to the different areas of The Green House SAS, as well as to contractors, Shareholders and associates of The Green House SAS when required for commercial, financial, administrative and operational purposes, including Sensitive Data, in accordance with the terms and conditions of The Green House Internal Policy and Procedures Manual for the Processing of Personal Data SAS, as applicable, primarily to enable the development of the operation, including but not limited to required accounting records, reports to supervisory and control authorities, and other uses for the purposes mentioned.
As holder of your personal data you have the right to:
A) To know, update and rectify your Personal Data in relation to The Green House SAS in its capacity as Responsible for Treatment. This right may be exercised, inter alia, against partial, inaccurate, incomplete, fractioned, misleading, or those whose Treatment is expressly prohibited or has not been authorized.
B) Request proof of the Authorization granted to The Green House SAS unless expressly excepted as a requirement for the Treatment, in accordance with the provisions of article 10 of Law 1581 of 2012.
C) To be informed by The Green House SAS, upon request, regarding the use that he has given to his Personal Data.
D) To submit complaints to the Superintendency of Industry and Commerce for violations of the provisions of Law 1581 of 2012 and other regulations that modify, add or complement.
E) To revoke the Authorization or request the suppression of the data when in the Treatment the principles, rights and constitutional and legal guarantees are not respected.
F) Free access to the Personal Data that have been object of Treatment.

Information holders are informed that they can consult the Internal Policies and Procedures Manual for the processing of personal data of The Green House Hostel, which contains our policies for the treatment of the collected information, as well as the procedures of consultation and reclamation Which will enable you to enforce your rights to access, query, rectify, update and delete data, at the following link: http://www.thegreenhouse.com.co